Advice, Capital and Expertise

 Applying A Method To Growth Madness


Methodology based business advisement.  We are fully invested in helping you reach your goals. 


Businesss capital for growing organizations.  We can help you maximize your market opportunities. 


Complete operational management and team placement.


Stragetic aqusition within our key industries and portfolio aligned companies.

Our Industries

Homefield Equity focuses on brands in Technology, Consumer Products and Automotive 


Enabling organizations
to grow faster with higher profits

We provide a focus on growth, profitability, and exit strategy.  We achieve this through Focus (Business Strategy), Capital Allocation (Capital and Financial Planning), Competitive and Aqusition Alignment (Market Positioning) and Efficiency (Operations and Team Execution)

Business Strategy

Focused businesses are successful businesses.  Business Strategy is more than just abstract goals.  To be successful they must become part of the culture of the organization.

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Capital and Financial Planning

Strategic capital allocation and with financial milestones that will drive results.

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Market Positioning

Maximize profits and potential aqusition multiplers through competitive and market positioning.

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Operations and Team Execution

Team and operational efficiency will drive bottom line returns and increase desirability.  

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Recent Investments And Aqusitions

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