Homefield Equity Provides Seed Funding To Go Connect

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Homefield Equity Provides Seed Funding To Go Connect

April 15, 2021 News 0

Atlanta, GA— April 5th — Go Connect formally announces the upcoming line of Smart Travel WiFi products.  This user friendly product offers a game changing update to a long overlooked segment of portable travel technology.   

Go Connect’s first of its kind smart features enable travelers and digital nomads to get connected quickly with a more effective WiFi connection. It alleviates the need to connect multiple devices individually; worry about the security of public access WiFi, or deal with endless loading delays or buffering while using the internet while traveling. With millions of people working remotely, returning to travel and relying on streaming services for entertainment, this product is a game changer.

Go Connect’s user centered experience is built used around the Go Connect mobile app, which allows users to quickly connect their Go Connect with little or no interaction. The device takes care of the rest.

In addition, Go Connect’s proprietary SmartBoost capabilities enhance WiFi connection using machine learning.  When combined with their optional cellular capabilities, it will use both WiFi and cellular to provide even more reliable connections, all while consuming less data.

Security is always a concern when connecting at public or semi-private WiFi networks like hotels, Airbnbs or coworking locations.  Go Connect protects you by automatically securing any WiFi connection. .  Their unique SmartSecurity system offers a superior experience to traditional VPN because it’s easier to use and focuses on the most critical data that needs to be secured.  Go Connect’s SmartSecurity avoids the overhead and hassle you might experience with traditional WiFi security solutions.

“Travelers want to bring the technology and smart capabilities we enjoy at home while on the go.  Go Connect’s devices makes it easy for anyone to bring streaming devices, smart speakers and smart assistants with them when traveling.”, said CEO Paul Pezzano.  “And we make it simple enough so anyone can do that.”

User Response

The customer first approach is present throughout.  The Go Connect has focused its attention to the real challenges travelers face while bringing their tech enabled lives with them on the go, rather than on specs and numbers. “Our focus has been on the key components: the ease of use, the reliability of the connection and the confidence to use available connections by ensuring security”, said COO JJ Crump.

To ensure they got it right, Go Connect Beta tested by putting their device in the hands of real people across a spectrum of technology savvy who were planning travel and/or were working remote.

The feedback from users has already been extremely positive.

“It was so easy to get connected, it’s an insta-buy just for that” said family traveler and Beta Tester, Sara N.

Product Availability

Go Connect is currently completing their closed beta and large scale manufacturing is underway.  The product is expected to go on sale in Q2 2021 direct from the Go Connect website.  Expect Go Connect devices to be available from major online retailers such as Amazon in Q3 2021.

About Go Connect

Go Connect was founded in the Atlanta area to focus on bringing easy to use, reliable and secure internet to travelers.  Founded by travelers who have first-hand experience of the challenges and limitation travel WiFi, Go Connect set out to be different by centering the experience around the customer rather than the technology.

Go Connect is led by a team of people with plentiful business, user experience and technology experience.  In addition, Go Connect is backed by seed funding lead by REC Group and Homefield Equity.


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