Introducing Vaxa Factor

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Introducing Vaxa Factor

October 17, 2022 News Startups Ventures 0

In 2013 I joined a cohort for women, Launchpad2X CEO from 2013.  The program was a catalyst for my growth. I saw myself as a proprietor of a small, little company rather than a scaling & growing business. The program gave me the confidence to think again.  I started to think and act bigger. Women founders across the startup and entrepreneurial community have similar stories.  Now, armed with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and in combination with other CEO’s and community supporters, we are advancing the legacy of empowerment.

Women-run businesses have better success rates and statistically bring in more revenue than their male counterparts.  In 2022, women are launching more new businesses than men and, they do so with a unique set of needs and challenges.  We need the energy to hustle, struggle and succeed.  Women are more than capable, but we want to change the systematic barriers in front of us whether it be funding, mentorship, or learning.  Making connections, acquiring knowledge, and education all take time away from building the business you’re so passionate about. 

We are excited to introduce you to the new world of women in Entrepreneurship, Vaxa Factor. We are here to help women build strong, scalable businesses. We are an all-in-one stop for learning, community, connection, and funding. Regardless of which stage you are in with your business, we have the tools to help you get to the next level. 

Women need other women. This is especially true when you’re a woman entrepreneur. Balancing families, responsibilities and the unique challenges of being a women entrepreneur can feel overwhelming. We welcome you into our circle.  Let’s keep the learning, support, connections, and funding access strong for you and all the women after you.

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